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Posted on 11-15-2011

 30 years separates these women. The one on the left is still bone dense, and "does the right stuff".

Read on if you love life and active longevity is important to you! While nothing will "cure" Osteoporosis, there are things you can do to slow it down, and in some cases, reverse it. The following are life strategies for women seeking to stay healthy, not to cure disease.


This is part 2 of my Osteoporosis Osteopenia article. This information must "get out", so if this resonates with you at all., please share with your friends. In fact, share with any female over 30. To review, Osteoporosis is a significant decrease in bone mineral density. Osteopenia means you are sub normal in bone mineral density. 

From your age 19, as a female, generally you start to lose bone density. Bone density is made up of several factors:  Imagine a 3 dimensional screen where sand is glued to it. The screen is the protein that makes the framework of the bone, called Trebeculae. The sand is the collection of minerals that makes up the rest of the bone. The bone is structured in a very organized way, much like someone building a bone from Lego's. Yes, it is that organized. It has to be , because you lose 20% of your bone every year, and 20% is added. The bone is a dynamic living thing that changes according to the stress on your body. There is a new you coming!

Or not. Enter Boniva and Fosamax. MD's have been prescribing these drugs for years. Just now, attorneys are entering class action suits against these pharma firms. Why? They only lay down calcium on the outside of the bone, in a very unorganized fashion, similar to a drunk that is stuccoing your house. Imagine someone with a palate full of stucco standing back from your house and throwing calcified mud on the outside wall, and calling that a good job. That's what these drugs, Boniva and Fosamax do.What that means is, yes, your bones are somewhat stronger in some situations such as standing still. Problem is, the Boniva has produced a bone that has a strong mineralized DEAD sheath, over dying framework. It is a porcelain bone. If you were to fall, it breaks easily. It has no tensile strength. That is why the watchdogs of our society, the lawyers , are now suing Boniva and Fosamax. I am of the mind if you take drugs, you bear your own risks. But what to do?

 From a nutritional standpoint, take Cal Appatite Plus from Metagenics, and Ostera. Cal Appatite is shaved cow bone from New Zealand, with D3. It works on it's own quite well to remineralize you. The Ostera is all of the nutrients your body needs to grow bone, such as Vitamin K and Berberine, which postively ( increases ) the bone marker osteocalcin. Just do it , and be happy. Order it from my vitamin store on my home page. This applies for all females over age 40. If you procrastinate, you are losing bone, some of which you will never get back. Even your jaw bone is getting resorbed  ( your body eats it's own bone and does not replace it )  at an increasing rate!         ( And you thought jowls were the total result of loss of elasticity! )  For my So Cal people, the evidence is in: Osteoporosis and Osteopenia makes you look OLD.  So if you don't do it for your health, do it for your looks!

In addition to my nutritional supplementation, we should address other factors  which you are under control. Smoking decreases bone. Not exercising , especially not weight training, decreases bone. An unhealthy diet, ( we need our green leafys! ) decreases bone. Go do the right thing, and be healthy!    Dr. Scott SeBastian Encinitas Chiropractor

Penny villa said:

Erik, pictured in these events has been telling women for years about the dangers of osto, meds. And the fact that your teeth are also effected because they cause the jaw bone to quit re generating.

2012-04-19 13:33:12

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